Upholstery Cleaning Service in Balham

Hire Professional Upholstery Cleaning In Balham To Protect Your Costly Investment

When it comes to upholstery cleaning, one thing you should keep in mind that it’s one of the most delicate cleaning techniques, hence it must be handled by a professional upholstery cleaner only. With more than 100 different textiles around, a technician should have the knowledge about the different fabrics and the type of cleaning the specific material needs.

Expert Upholstery Cleaning in Balham:

This is why our technicians undergo rigorous training to ensure they do the appropriate cleaning for your costly upholstered items. Picking the incorrect cleaning liquid for your sofas for example is expected to result in color bleeding, water marks and even folding. One of the most common mistakes made by unprofessional upholstery cleaning service in Balham is damp cleaning a material which should be dry-cleaned. However, our cleaning technicians have the right knowledge on which cleaning agents to approve and which to avoid as they have been in this industry for quite long and have cleaned thousands of upholstered items throughout their professional career.

Our State-of-the-art tools will leave your upholstery looking like new:

As we have the best upholstery cleaning tools and technology under our belt, we make sure excellent end results for all your delicate furnishings. Our compact & industry standard upholstery cleaning machine is powerful enough to deep clean your armchairs, sofas, ottomans, three piece suites, and other costly upholstered items with negligible interruption to your busy work schedule.

Our special cleaning method makes sure no fabric shrinkage:

We use a low moisture upholstery cleaning technique that don’t let your cleaned fabric to shrink, a common issue generally takes place following a wet cleaning practice on some kinds of fabric upholsteries that hasn’t gone through fabric treatment at the time of manufacturing. We also use dry shampoo encapsulation method that can efficiently take off deep rooted dust and dirt using minimal drying time. This means you can use your cleaned upholsteries instantly after our cleaning service is accomplished.

Our technicians have the tools that clean nearly every kind of upholstery available, including velvet, cotton, and nylon. To prolong the life of your upholstery & protect your costly investment, feel free to take advantage of our professional upholstery cleaning service in Balham. Call us now to get a free estimation!