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Why is Steam Cleaning the best way to clean Carpet?

Did you know that as many as one hundred times more pollutants can be found indoors than are found outside? Did you know that a typical person spends around ninety percent of their time inside their home or office space? Putting these two facts together shows just how important it is to remove harmful pollutants by cleaning carpets regularly. There are a number of ways to remove dirt and allergens from carpet, but some of them are much less effective than others. Steam cleaning Clapham is extremely effective and provides many benefits, both to the carpet and to the people living or working with it.

Vacuuming and spot cleaning are necessary steps to take in the effort to prolong the life of carpet, but these methods can only remove surface dirt and debris. Performing a more thorough cleaning treatment will remove the dirt, pet hair, dust mites, crumbs and other bits of debris that commonly work their way down into the carpet fibres or are pushed into the fibres by foot traffic. Everyone tracks these unwanted contaminants indoors on their shoes, meaning that over time a build-up of dust and grime can occur, especially if kids and pets are part of the family. It is therefore vital to remove this build-up in order to preserve the carpet’s appearance and protect the health of those within the space.

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Carpet shampooing has been around for many years, and the process involves producing a substantial volume of foam in order to break up the dirt and other unwanted particles that have become stuck to the carpet fibres over time. The lubricating texture of the shampoo minimises any damage to the fibres that can occur from the equipment's large brushes. This method can be successful when small stains and high traffic areas need to be cleaned quickly, but it only cleans the surface of the carpet rather than getting into the carpet fibres.

On the other hand, the equipment used to steam clean carpet shoots hot water right down into the fibres to remove any build-up of grime and debris. This application of heated water helps to reduce any bacteria, germs, mites and other toxins that are present, and the level of moisture applied can easily be adjusted in order to prevent any damage being caused to the underlying material. The cleaning equipment then vacuums up the excess water, sucking up a huge amount of dirt and grime with it.

While steam carpet cleaning can be a do-it-yourself project, you are certain to achieve better results by hiring a certified technician trained and experienced in this work, and with the powerful professional equipment needed to do the job properly. When hiring a certified technician, you can be sure your carpet is in the hands of a reputable professional.

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