I have been having cleaning services from Glory Clean for some time and have loved their commitment to offering the best of services. I regularly call them even now during this COVID-19 pandemic to have my house cleaned. They follow all the safety protocols while cleaning the house saving them and us from COVID-19 infection. The services that they offer are of the highest standard and their staffs are friendly and cooperative. Having their house cleaning services, I find time to relax and not have the stress of having a dirty house. I would always recommend Glory Clean to others. Thank you for the services.

AlanLondon, 18th March 2021

As we intended to have a clean environment inside our house during this spread of the COVID-19 infection, we called Glory Clean to have our carpets cleaned. Their carpet cleaners arrived shortly at the designated time with advanced tools and used a powerful hot water extraction system to clean the carpets from the root. They pre-treated the areas having stains to clean those. After their service, it was impossible for anyone to feel unhappy with their carpet cleaning services. I was so impressed that I called them the following day to clean the carpets in my office. As the office remained closed for some time due to COVID-19, the dust has accumulated a lot. They did not charge any extra to clean my office carpets. In both my house and office, their professional carpet cleaning service allowed us to have carpets, which are stain-free, odourless and free from germs and dust. I would recommend carpet-cleaning services of Glory Clean to all my friends and family members. Thanks for the affordable and effective carpet cleaning service.

MartinLondon, 10th March 2021

Just before the beginning of the lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I had spring cleaning at my residence by Glory Clean. The house had a new and sparking environment after their services. We would love to thank them for offering us such a professional and effective cleaning service. They took special care to; thoroughly sanitize our house as the pandemic was just setting in. The fresh, clean and hygienic environment in our home, making us feels safe and happy to stay. They even customized their services according to our specific requirements. You can expect to have cleaning of windows and frames, re-organizing bookshelves and cleaning every corner of your house. I would recommend Glory Clean to others for having an environmentally safe, customized and affordable spring cleaning. Thanks for the timely and effective service.

Josh PhilipBattersea SW11, 25th February 2021

I would love to take this opportunity to thank Glory Clean for offering us affordable professional cleaning services during our move out. We have developed a relationship with them during the past years of our stay at our previous residence, had upholstery cleaning, carpet cleaning, and spring cleaning from them. In each of their cleaning endeavours, we did not have any chance to complain such was the excellence of their services. Their cleaners have the proper training and experience to offer the perfect cleaning according to your requirements. Moreover, they use eco-friendly cleaning products to clean. It is for sure we would love to continue having their cleaning services at our new residence. I highly recommend Glory Clean for any nature of cleaning services. Once again, I thank them for offering the perfect cleaning services to us. I wish them prosperity in their business ventures.

MathewStreatham London, 10th February 2021

I would love to express my gratitude and appreciation for the cleaning services we received from Glory Clean during this period of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are a regular customer of them for years. I doubted in my mind as to whether they would be able to maintain their high standard of cleaning during the pandemic of COVID-19. Their services amazed me and I love to say that they not only kept their high standard but also excelled my expectations. Their cleaners came prepared every time with all tools and products wearing facemasks and gloves to offer cleaning services during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic. They maintained all health protocols like social distancing while cleaning. I think it would be my pleasure to recommend Glory Clean to anyone known to me for having professional cleaning services whenever required even now.

CAROLNotting Hill, 20th February 2021

I recently had the cleaning team from Glory Clean for end of tenancy cleaning. Their professional and effective cleaning astonished me. Their attention to details and the quick service did not make me wait for a single day more than expected by the property owner. Their effective cleaning also surprised the property owner and he immediately released my deposit. They also use the latest cleaning procedures and equipment, helping them to make the house sparkling clean.

Moreover, they use 100% eco-friendly cleaning products as they value health concerns of all. The effectiveness of their end of tenancy cleaning services thrilled me. I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend Glory Clean to others for having the end of tenancy cleaning. Thank you, Glory Clean for your fantastic service.

GlennNorth West, England, 25th January 2021

I recently required cleaning the upholstery in my house. I after quite a bit of research called Glory Clean for upholstery cleaning. After having their services, I can definitely say that I did not make the wrong choice. Their cleaners have adequate knowledge and expertise in cleaning different types of upholstery and precisely know what chemicals and tools to use for having clean upholstery. Their services made the upholstery free from dust and dirt and free from the odour. Their 100% care and attention to details made me recommend their upholstery cleaning service to many and they called me to express their thanks for recommending Glory Clean. I think it is good to know that they followed all safety protocols laid due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I would love to recommend Glory Clean to others for having affordable and effective upholstery cleaning services even during this time of the COVID-19 epidemic.

BenBattersea, 5th January 2021

I had a renovation done to some part of my house and the situation inside was really in a mess as the builders did not perform a proper cleaning. One of my friends recommended Glory Clean to have after builders cleaning. There is no hesitation in me to state that we are truly grateful to them as they cleaned our house of all constructional waste, dust, paints and other debris changing the interior into a healthy living space. Their experience and knowledge reflected in their services. Their expert cleaners offered convenient cleaning to transform our house into pristine condition. They cleaned the entire premises, including hard floors and surfaces. They even cleaned the furniture, upholstery, mirrors and glass surface.

Moreover, they had the expertise to clean even the sinks, toilets and sanitary ware. I would love to refer Glory Clean to all for having after builders cleaning in London. Thanks for the professional and customized after builders cleaning

EoinLondon, 25th Dec 2020

I would love to recommend Glory Clean for having a pocket-friendly move out cleaning and have your bond released without any hesitation by the property owner. I can say so with commitment as I had move out cleaning from them and was amazed at their excellence and professionalism. Their cleaners arrive in time and clean without affecting the schedule of your daily life. They have an eye to every detail so that no place in the property has a speck of dust or dirt. The property owner of ours did not have anything to complain about and released our full deposit back that very day. Their customized and professional move out services helped us to have the deposit back and to have ready cash at hand while we were relocating. I would like to thank all the cleaning members of Glory Clean for their effective services and help us move out in grace.

GeorgeCardiff, 15th Dec 2020

I was searching for a cleaning company in London to have timely, trustworthy, expert cleaning services at the lowest possible price. A friend of mine recommended Glory Clean. After having their cleaning services, I truly understand why they are the proud owner of Best House Cleaning Technique for 2015. I recommend them for any types of cleaning starting from steam carpet cleaning to upholstery cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning and after building cleaning. Having their services made me feel how important it is to have your house or commercial space cleaned by professionals rather than to try DIY ventures. Their cleaners were in our property in time prepared with all tools and products to clean. As I am an essential worker, I called them on a Sunday and they did not ask a question but accepted to offer their services. I would love to recommend Glory Clean for any cleaning job even during this period of the COVID-19 pandemic.

HarryLondon, 25th Nov 2020

It is really a delight for me to refer Glory Clean to my friends and relatives for their carpet, end of tenancy, upholstery, after builders and move out cleaning. Their attention to detail & exceptional results was beyond satisfactory.

Mike LeeLondon, 18th May 2020

When I called Glory Clean to send someone who can help me with my move out clean, the owner immediately send a professional cleaner who was pretty knowledgeable about move in and move out cleaning. I really had a fabulous experience with them!

ChrissLondon, 10th May 2020

I just want to say thank you to Glory Clean for the exceptional service they had offered me last week. I highly recommend their name to anyone looking for carpet, end of tenancy, upholstery, after builders and move out cleaning in London.

JasonBattersea SW11, 25th April 2020

We are starting our third year with Glory Clean and I have had only excellent service, professionalism, courtesy and punctuality. I trust them whether I can be on-site or not. I highly recommend this company for any type of cleaning work.

RickyStreatham London, 10th April 2020

I have been with Glory Clean for a couple of years now and have been very happy.They are fabulous and did a wonderful job every time we hire them to clean anything. We will definitely like to recommend their name.

JohnsonLondon, 22th March 2020

We hired Glory Clean for a move out clean prior to selling my son’s condo. The cleaners arrived on time & cleaned the condo so thoroughly that the buyers could move right in; the manager did a follow up customer satisfaction call.

Jamie MurfuKensington, 12th March 2020

I wish to express my gratitude & appreciation for the work & results we received from Glory Clean last week. Their cleaners did a fantastic job to clean my dirty carpets and upholstered items. Highly appreciated and recommended!

StiphenNotting Hill, 28th Feb 2020

This cleaning team of Glory Clean was excellent. They were very professional and friendly. The team worked very hard and did their job pretty well when I appointed them to do an end of tenancy cleaning job last month.

Sandra WatsonEaling, 10th Feb 2020

So thorough and efficient! I can only say those words about Glory Clean! My carpet and upholstery has never been so clean! I have already recommended them tomany of my friends and relatives. Keep offering such great services!

RichardsonChiswick, 28th Jan 2020

“Glory Clean makes a house glisten with cleanliness and care. I don't believe any other carpet or upholstery cleaning could match their professionalism, personality, and their custom-designed work she does on my home. I will recommend Glory Clean to my friends and relatives. Give them a call, and you will be delighted to find the best result as I was!”

Jason DeruloLondon, 15th Feb 2020

“Thank you for scheduling Glory Clean for move out cleaning. They did an excellent job for us. I appreciated their positive attitude, friendly manner, and comprehensive job. The cleaning products they used were outstanding. Thank You!”

Emma WaterhouseLondon, 19th Jan 2020

After a year, I called Glory Clean to get an estimate for your carpet cleaning. They will arrive on time on the day of the appointment. They never leave the job until they make things sparkled. I would wholeheartedly recommend Glory Clean to anyone looking for quality cleaning services. I can't wait to have them for my after builder cleaning or spring cleaning or move out cleaning!”

JeremihBattersea SW11, 15th Jan 2020

“Glory Clean is super as always. I appreciate their attention to detail. They are super professional and courteous. They came in and tailored a custom cleaning routine and schedule to suit my time and our budget perfectly. They take care of the things in detail and leaves the house spotless shinning and bright every time.”

AndrewStreatham London, 10th Dec 2019

“From the very start, the cleaning staff of Glory Clean made me feels comfortable and confident. They do a great job at my home. I am sick and unable to do the cleaning job due to health issues, and they never made me feel less worthy. They are friendly, fast, and efficient and listen well!

Wimbledon ParkLondon, 8th Dec 2019

"Excellent!! The steam carpet cleaning is tremendous that I have ever seen!! They met with me to provide pricing options, and the work they have done at our house has been excellent and top notch!" I am so pleased!! My Mom is very impressed with the quality of work. Thank you to Glory Clean and your team!!"

AlessiaKensington, 1st Nov 2019

“Glory Clean did an amazing job as always. They are prompt, thorough, courteous, and professional. My house looked beautiful after you were here; it makes so much difference in the way I feel it be in a sparkly, clean place. I appreciate the quality of work as I head into entertaining.”

CAROLNotting Hill, 25th Nov 2019

“The cleaners were excellent in every way. They are prompt, courteous, meticulous, and completely professional. They make everything looks sparkly and great! They did a great job today! My carpets look wonderful as new!”

CatrionaEaling, 28th Oct 2019

They did a fantastic job with PERFECTION!! Exceptional job, just like last time! Everything was flawless and hassle-free on my end. I was so pleased with the attention to detail. They were wonderfully friendly and did a great job! I would highly recommend it!

EilidhChiswick, 13th Oct 2019

The quality of cleaning is excellent from Glory Clean. I hired them for my home’s carpet cleaning and they did an exceptional job. Really impressed with their advanced steam carpet cleaning solution! I will surely recommend their name!

Jason DeruloLondon, 25th SEPT 2019

The cleaners from Glory Clean are friendly, professional, flexible and really care about their clients. They used non-toxic products to clean my carpets and upholstery. Do yourself a favor, hire Glory Clean and you will love them as much as I do!

Emma WaterhouseLondon, 19th SEPT 2019

As a property owner I am always on the look for a reliable end of tenancy cleaner. And I must say Glory Clean’s cleaning staffs are all wonderful. They’re efficient, professional and most importantly affordable. I’d not mind to suggest their name to anyone looking for a good cleaning service.

JeremihBattersea SW11, 15th SEPT 2019

I like the fact that the team of Glory Clean shows up when scheduled and get the job done in the amount of time that has been agreed upon. They are very thorough & always ask if there is anything else they can address that may have been missed. Really appreciated!

AndrewStreatham London, 10th SEPT 2019

I wanted to express my deep appreciation for the team of Glory Clean who did a deep clean of my rental apartment after I moved out. The service was outstanding, exceptional, reliable, dependable, and extremely professional.

Wimbledon ParkLondon, 8th SEPT 2019

Last month when a tenant moves out from my London home, I called Glory Clean and I was really impressed with their work. They cleaned a 2-bedroom apartment with a lot of detail. All of the apartment was sparkling clean when they finished. They were really pleasant to work with.

AlessiaKensington, 1st SEPT 2019

Have used Glory Clean twice and have been very pleased both times. They are highly recommended whether you are looking for carpet cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning, move out cleaning, or after builders cleaning.

CAROLNotting Hill, 25th Aug 2019

I've hired Glory Clean a handful of times in the past year, and I'm a big fan. All the cleaning crews so far have been professional, efficient, tireless, and so good at what they do! A big thumbs up!

CatrionaEaling, 20th Aug 2019

I can’t say enough about the wonderful deep cleaning that Glory Clean did for us last week at our apartment in London. Like every tenant I want to get my deposit back from my land lord. And it’d not be possible without Glory Clean’s help. I would recommend them to anyone.

EilidhChiswick, 13th Aug 2019

This is perhaps the best carpet cleaning service I ever had. Thanks a lot for making my dirty carpets clean. I am very happy and has no problem to recommend your name.

LORNALondon, 9th Aug 2019

Glory Clean is my personal favr8 cleaning service in Richmond. I hired them last month for carpet cleaning, they did a commendable job. My carpets are looking all new! I recommend them to everyone.

AndrewLondon, 20th Aug 2019

Last year when I was leaving my home in Battersea n looking for a dependable end of tenancy cleaning, my friend suggested Glory Clean. I am glad I considered his suggestion! The entire process was smooth. Thanks to the team for their effortless job!

StiphenChelsea, 1st Aug 2019

A couple of weeks back I contacted Glory Clean for upholstery cleaning at my house. I am happy with their work. And would like to hire them in future as well!

ChrisKensington, 21th July 2019

Highly responsible and dedicated team of cleaners at Glory Clean. Would definitely hire them for next cleaning need! Thank you for the incredible job guys.

MichaelBalham, 11st July 2019

When I and my wife were worried about our untidy home, carpets and upholstery, Glory Clean came to our rescue. Their commendable cleaning services have turned our messy home into a new refreshing one. Hats off to the team.

BradNotting Hill, 1st July 2019

After using so many carpet cleaning services, I ultimately found Glory Clean and would say that the team is the best in entire London! They treat the carpets with utmost care. And their customer service is also praiseworthy.

AaronChiswick, 25th June 2019

I was a bit worried and concerned about move out cleaning as I was shifting to another place in Streatham. However, then I found Glory Clean online contacted them and their professional team were right there for my help. I would like specifically mention their customer service which is par excellence. A big thanks to the entire team!

AdamEaling, 18th June 2019

A spotless home before moving out was a dream for us! Then our neighbor recommended Glory Clean as they used their service and we completely satisfied. So we took a chance and the result was amazing. Their outstanding move out cleaning made our landlord happy. You guys are truly genius.

BrianWest Kensington, 12th June 2019

If anyone is looking for a after builders cleaning of highest standards in London, then I would recommend them Glory Clean. The team is extremely dedicated towards their job and carries out cleaning in the most professional way. I am a long-term customer of Glory Clean for sure!

CarolHammersmith, 8th June 2019

I was looking for a reliable, professional spring cleaning service that fits in my budget. And then I found Glory Clean. Believe me their job is incredible and they offer excellent spring cleaning service at the best price. I will give them five stars for their stupendous job!

ClarkLondon, 1st June 2019

Glory Clean team was very quick and everything was done within one hour. I booked carpet cleaning service for my living room and amazing job been done by Glory Clean. They are highly recommended.

JoshuaLondon, 5th Dec 2018

Glory Clean always gives us satisfactory cleaning results at the end. We are positive that we’ll be using them for any type of cleaning needs at our home and office in London. Definitely, we would recommend them to our friends and family.

ThomasChelsea, 1st Dec 2018

When it comes to industry-best carpet cleaning services in London, I rely on only Glory Clean. I have been using their services 4 times already and honestly speaking, their carpet cleaning services are perfect.

LindaKensington, 25th Nov 2018

I really needed my sofa to be cleaned and was browsing through the internet for professional upholstery cleaning. My search ended at Glory Clean. I’m happy with the end results. The sofa was blotchy; but now it’s like brand new.

JenniferBalham, 21st Nov 2018

I used Glory Clean to get my sofa cleaned. It’s very special for me as I got it as a gift my grandmother. So I try to keep it clean as much as I can. The cleaners provided the much needed attention and cleaned it effortlessly. I am thankful to Glory for such an incredible cleaning service with all my heart.

PatriciaFulham, 18th Nov 2018

Glory Clean is the best carpet cleaning agency in my opinion. They cover entire London and the distance doesn’t matter for them. Their cleaners seem to understand what they do and the results I received were always outstanding. The prices are quite affordable as well.

MaryStreatham, 15th Nov 2018

Badly needed to move out and wanted to clean the flat immediately before my landlord would take my deposit. Glory Clean team turned up on-time and saved my deposit. What an energy and enthusiasm they have! Also they knew what they were doing.

MichaelWimbledon, 10th Nov 2018

Very professional, timely spring cleaning service received from Glory Clean. Would highly recommend and definitely use them again. My living room carpet has come up amazing.

RobertLondon, 8th Nov 2018

I have been using Glory Clean for several months for after building cleaning in London. I have found their services to be of a high standard, customer services excellent and the services very flexible. I didn’t have idea about how dirty it was but when it was done and I saw the end result I was absolutely overwhelmed. I even received a follow up call the next day to know how the cleaning experience was. Thank you for everything.

JohnLondon, 5th Nov 2018

After a renovation of the living room recently, we found ourselves surrounded by a lot of after builders mess. We badly needed responsible after builders cleaning in London. We made a call to Glory Clean cleaners and were standing in our perfectly clean and tidy living room within no time. We personally thank Glory Clean for the amazing work they’ve done for us.

JamesLondon, 30th Nov 2018

I have used different upholstery cleaning services and Glory Clean was the best. They worked hard and were very efficient. I will be using their cleaning service again. Thank you for such a great upholstery cleaning!

JamesHammersmith, 28th Oct 2018

It was easy to schedule upholstery cleaning service through Glory Clean. Their cleaners were polite and did a great job. Our upholstered furniture looks beautiful. We appreciate every effort made by Glory Clean.

ReggieBrixton, 23rd Oct 2018

Glory Clean helped me while moving out of home in Putney with professional move out cleaning this week. They were courteous and experienced. I thank Glory Clean for doing such a fantastic job and great time with full of heart!

DavidLondon, 19th Oct 2018

Glory Clean helped me while moving out of home in Putney with professional move out cleaning this week. They were courteous and experienced. I thank Glory Clean for doing such a fantastic job and great time with full of heart!

ArthurLondon, 11th Oct 2018

Glory Clean was phenomenal. They did the end of tenancy cleaning completely and effortlessly. We were extremely impressed and really hope that they are permanently assigned to our move out cleaning in London. Their work was flawless. Definitely recommend Glory Clean.

MuhammadLondon, 3rd Oct 2018

I was looking for a move out cleaning company and came across Glory Clean. They are extremely easy to work with, very professional, kind and friendly. I highly recommend Glory Clean for your entire move out cleaning needs in London.

CharlieLondon, 29th Sep 2018

Their cleaners did a great job for the price and were available to spring clean our home after our request was made. We are very satisfied with their spring cleaning service. Their price was really good; but the work was excellent. We recommend Glory Clean’s spring cleaning service in London!

JeffLondon, 28th Sep 2018

I’ve been using Glory Clean for end of tenancy cleaning for three years. Though I’m moving out in London, my aim is get back the security deposit and appeal my landlord. Glory Clean did a great job cleaning around my rental property for an affordable price. They are recommended for end of tenancy cleaning in London.

JacobLondon, 21th Sep 2018

Glory Clean cleaners were very quick and efficient professionals and removed deeply set-in stains. The carpet dried and looked new just in a few hours. We definitely recommend Glory Clean to those seeking for professional carpet cleaning in London.

JackBattersea, 15th Sep 2018

Their carpet cleaners came the same day we called, worked quickly and the results were outstanding. We felt worth having this done. It feels great to have a clean and tidy home and the carpet holds a big part in our home décor. We are really happy and they did a great job.

GeorgePutney, 6th Sep 2018

The Glory Clean carpet cleaning team was fantastic, on-time, and efficient. Our carpets look beautiful. Their carpet cleaners were very friendly and understanding. We personally thank Glory Clean for delivering amazing carpet cleaning results.

OliverClapham, 2nd Sep 2018

We recently hired Glory Clean to do our carpet clean in Stratham. They did such a great job and were so experienced, skillful to carpet cleaning tasks efficiently. They were excellent to deal with and made it all seem so effortless.

Caesar London, 26th Aug 2018

Glory Clean was fantastic. Their carpet cleaners were extremely helpful and efficient. Both our carpets and upholstery were left looking like new. We would recommend Glory Clean to everyone in need of carpet cleaning in London!

RachelBattersea, 17th Aug 2018

When we needed professional after builders cleaning, Glory Clean had come up with an estimate, well-suited for budget and preferences. We are more than happy with their after builders cleaning in Putney carried out by Glory Clean.

Callan Wandsworth, 5th Aug 2018

A really prompt and courteous carpet cleaning company, their cleaners won’t leave until the job done. We were very much pleased with the results of the carpet cleaning and will definitely recommend to friends, colleagues, and relatives!

TadeasClapham, 24th July 2018

The skillful cleaners at Glory Clean have been working diligently throughout the entire day to get my home spotlessly clean and tidy. Our landlord would be more than happy with the house cleaning results. We would highly suggest Glory Clean for their outstanding house cleaning and carpet cleaning service!

Faddey Brixton, 11th Jul 2018

Glory Clean’s professional cleaners did a fabulous job, worked hard with a positive attitude. I’d definitely use Glory Clean’s end of tenancy cleaning again in my next move. Everything was spotless and went over and above our cleaning expectations. We’d definitely recommend them!

Lael Kensington, 20th Jun 2018

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Glory Clean and their team for all the efforts they put to clean my house yesterday in Stratham. All cleaners arrived on time and had all required cleaning supplies and tools exactly as needed. I would recommend Glory Clean to anyone seeking for spring cleaning service.

Octavius Tooting, 17th Jun 2018

Glory Clean’s professional cleaners have provided very efficient and professional carpet cleaning service in London. We would highly recommend Glory Clean as our carpet came out extremely clean and tidy. We’re extremely thankful towards them for the carpet clean they have provided us.

Gaetan Battersea, 15th Jun 2018

The standard of end of tenancy cleaning by Glory Clean was excellent. Their carpet and upholstery cleaners removed all troublesome stains from carpets and fabric armchair effortlessly and completely. For an excellent value for money, Glory Clean is highly recommended.

Ramona London, 13th Apr 2018

Glory Clean were an ultimate delight, from being considerate and thoughtful to offering an excellent end of tenancy cleaning experience in London. Glory Clean did wonders on our rental property – that’d helped us getting rental deposit back. We can’t recommend them highly enough.

Radford London, 24th Mar 2018

Glory Clean is quick, trustworthy, and professional cleaning company. We have been very impressed with their cleaning services. We can’t even imagine ever hiring anyone else for our house cleaning in London.

Abel London, 26th Feb 2018

Glory Clean cleaners came to our commercial space a few weeks ago – recommended by our close friend. From that day onwards, we have been working with Glory Clean. We are delighted that we’ve made a right call!

James Battersea, 17th Feb 2018

Their cleaning team was friendly and fastidious towards the work. They were punctual and efficient professionals. My carpet and upholstered furniture look great and I don’t have any complaints. I highly recommend Glory Clean!

Creighton Wandsworth, 2nd Feb 2018

Many thanks to the cleaning team of Glory Clean for the perfect job they did in my house a few months ago. Our house looks amazing and very refreshing. I sincerely wish Glory Clean all the best for their great work!

Edward Clapham, 24th Jan 2018

We’ve always found Glory Clean to be quite professional and reliable. Their cleaners have always given us very affordable cleaning quotes. We’d like to use their professional house cleaning services again and again

C John Clapham, 12th Jan 2018

Thank you for the Cleaning crews at Glory Clean, you exceed my expectations. I’ve received high quality after builders cleaning, The team I’ve met so far is friendly and welcoming. I’m very excited to work with them in the future

Diana Putney, 5th Jan 2018

We’ve recently moved out our home in London and are delighted with the cleaning done by Glory Clean. They are highly efficient, energetic, and trustworthy. Their attention to detail is unmatched. We’ll continue using them to move out cleaning.

Kabir Battersea, 20th Dec 2017

Glory Clean’s cleaning professionals are awesome and always fast to respond. They did a great job cleaning my home. I havehad a very lovely experience when I found my home sparkling clean. I will definitely use them for spring cleaning again.

Maathai Streatham, 9th Nov 2017

Heard a lot of good things about Glory Clean. I feel very glad that I’ve used their upholstery cleaning. The Best cleaning experience I’ve ever had so far. Thank you, Glory Clean.

Russell Wandsworth, 18th Oct 2017

We couldn’t be more pleased with our clean carpets. They were even removed the stubborn stains and dust particles. We personally thank Glory Clean for a very wonderful experience.

Robert London, 12th Jul 2017

I am so happy with the upholstery cleaning job done by Glory Clean. They did a great job while cleaning my upholstered furniture. I will use them again!

Hector Clapham, 5th Jun 2017

We had got amazing customer service, immediate response from Glory Clean. Their prices are very fair and reasonable. We will only work with them in the future.

Halbert Putney, 25th May 2017

Our carpets look beautiful and the water extraction method by Glory Clean work better. I like Glory Clean’s carpet cleaning process.

Galvin London, 9th Apr 2017

Having a company like Glory Clean is great for cleaning carpets. Our carpet looks and smells great. We made the right decision to hire them.

Eugene Clapham, 29th Mar 2017

I came across Glory Clean from one of my friends at the time when we needed spring cleaning urgently. The cleaners are reliable, friendly professionals and cleaned my house thoroughly. Highly recommended.

Fletcher London, 29th Mar 2017

I would like to thank Glory Clean for everything their cleaners had done for us. My upholstery is very clean. Keep up your fantastic work and would recommend for upholstery cleaning.

Derek Putney, 11th Mar 2017

Booked Glory Clean to carry out end of tenancy cleaning last week and I am so pleased with their punctual, efficient service and also their affordable pricing.

Mr. Charles Clapham, 3rd Feb 2017

The cleaners turned up on-time and cleaned thoroughly. I am very happy with their service and would recommend Glory Clean to my friends.

Mr. Calvin London, 18th Jan 2017

I used Glory Clean for move out cleaning in London and fully satisfied with their cleaning services. I will definitely use them again!

Mr. Bert London, 11th Jan 2017

I've been using cleaners for years. This is not only the most professional cleaning company I've ever met - wonderfully organised, but the team are genuine, trustworthy and a really nice happy bunch to have around your house. They went the extra mile and moved some boxes out of the way to facilitate my carpet cleaning. Don't waste your time with other companies, I now won't go anywhere else!

Mr. Young Battersea SW11, 13th Nov. 2016

This is the second time I've used Glory Clean's services. Thank you to Nicholas, Veronique and the rest of the team for their hard work. Nicholas is always prompt and efficient with communications. The team are very professional and always early to start the work. Very impressive service provided throughout the entire house to a very high standard. They also provide time to inspect the work detailing exactly what has been done. I have recommended their services to my family and will also start working with Nicholas and his team on a more regular basis. Thank you.

Mrs. Jennifer Robinson Streatham London, 25th Oct. 2016

I would very much recommend Glory Clean. They were quick to respond and refine the quote prior to coming round to the job. On the day, they were on time, polite, worked hard and quickly and went above and beyond what I had asked/booked.

Naomi Salin Hammersmith, 18th Oct. 2016

Antoan did an incredible job! The carpets are 15 years old and had never been cleaned, had many old stains. All were virtually removes! The furniture looks so much better too! He worked solidly on the job, no break taken. Very friendly and polite.

P. Powell Wimbledon Park, 15th Sept. 2016