Spring Cleaning Clapham

Glory Clean will create an additional sense of freshness at your home.

Spring Cleaning is a required element in the program of а good housewife. Unfortunately it usually takes a long time and cost a lot of nerves. With our professional service, we offer you cleaning, tidying and throw out all the junk.

We guarantee that refreshing your home will ensure great mood to your family. Spring is the season when everything around us awakens to a new life and that feeling will be brought at your place by Glory Clean to ensure henceforth you will have mostly sunny days. We at Glory Clean will clean your windows and frames, will re-arrange your bookcase and will wipe every corner of your rooms. The cleaners create order by doing some cleaning in places that are too piled with belongings and will open space in your home which you will enjoy for a long time. We will remove all accumulated dust and arrange your shelves and will do thorough hoover and mop of all marble, granite, ceramic and wood flooring.

Our cleaners will clean up to glamor the bath/shower, toilet and all accessories in the bathroom by removing the limescale, mildew and mould resistance with germicidal solution.

And last but not least will clean and polish all appliances, cabinets and shelves in the kitchen from the lamp on the ceiling to the floor. The kitchen is one of the richest place of odours. Glory Clean will clear all tanned surfaces to unbelievable standard thanks to our well-trained cleaners who are using some of the best professional and environmentally safe products. Their task list for the kitchen includes:

  • ​Refrigerator / freezer (if it is previously defrosted) inside and out
  • cleaning and polishing of all kitchen cabinets, appliances.
  • oven skimmed, clean and polish inside and out
  • dishwasher and washing machine clean and polish
  • microwave inside and out clean and polish
  • cleaning the sink
  • clean and polish table and chairs
  • cleaning with a disinfectant of switches, lighting and door handles
  • cleaning the bins with a disinfectant.
  • cleaning the floor  vacuum and mop.​