Is the Carpets or Upholstery in your Home Makes your Family Sick?

People are conscious of the fact that outdoor air pollution can damage their health, but they may not attentive about indoor air pollution. Perhaps it will bring significant health effects on your family members. One must surprise to know about the fact that the indoor air levels of many pollutants may be five times higher than outdoor levels! The intensity… continue reading »

Useful Checklist for End of Tenancy Cleaning in Battersea

Unfortunately, most people end up losing their deposits just because they’ve not cleaned up the rental property and the landlord will keep the hold of the deposit to cover any cleaning expenses. In case, you don’t need to be in a situation when you will have to lose your deposit. For this reason, you should clean the place spotlessly or… continue reading »

Why DIY Carpet Cleaning Doesn’t Make Sense

So you have got a bit of water leak or pet stain on your carpet! How hard it’s going to be to clean it on your own? Either you employ the material & tools you already have, or just rent a carpet cleaning machine. Problem sorted out, right? Wrong. Let’s talk about some of the common risks you may experience… continue reading »

Upholstery Fabric: How to Choose the Best One According To Your Need

The first & foremost thing that comes to our mind when we think about purchasing upholstered furniture is generally what colour to choose. It is no doubt the most crucial aspect of fabric selection, but other factors are equally important as well. Fabric Durability: The significance of fabric durability differs relying on the piece of furniture. Which room it’s used… continue reading »

Why You Should Hire an After Builder Cleaner Instead Of Doing It Yourself

No building project is officially concluded until the whole project area has been inspected & cleaned thoroughly. The thorough cleaning of a construction site is much more than just simple cleaning & removal of wreckage. Detailed cleaning includes the elimination of every single irregularity from each square centimeters of each room. Windows are scrubbed, floors are cleaned, every atom of… continue reading »

Choosing the Right Upholstery and Cleaning Regimen

Upholstery furniture makes the dwelling into a place to live in with family. The upholstered furniture brings in uniqueness and comfort to any roof. Different types of furniture like the sofas, ottomans and armchairs through the fabrics and colours create moods and perceptions of the outside world. When it comes to choosing the right upholstered furniture, they should be comfortable,… continue reading »

Maintaining the Cleanliness and Durability of Carpet

Carpets add a unique touch to your overall home decor. It is a good way to bring the sophistication into your home and make it looking classy all the time. Carpet makes the place more comfortable by giving an ultimate level of warmth and feel altogether. Remember that, carpet stays for long, if it’s maintained and cleaned very well. Regular… continue reading »

End of Tenancy Cleaning Guide and Checklist

Do you move out of rental property often in Clapham, Battersea, or Streatham? If yes, you might be aware of the complexity of end of tenancy cleaning in Clapham. It’s a thorough cleaning process that covers every nook and corner of the property you’re vacating. End of tenancy cleaning means a deep cleaning of the property you are vacating. Both… continue reading »

Useful Upholstery Cleaning Tips

Upholstered furniture cleaning can be a tricky task to do as they can get damaged easily if not treated in an appropriate way. So, here is a complete guide for upholstery cleaning in London you should consider to get the perfect clean and tidy furniture that your home deserves: 1. Start Vacuuming The first step is to remove all the… continue reading »

The Seasonal Impact on End of Tenancy Cleaning

Moving out of your rental home in London can be both stressful and exciting endeavor. To help you focus on the new experiences in your new rental property and alleviate the stress from relocation as well as getting the rental deposit back, you should consider end of tenancy cleaning. However, you can’t always pick the right season to move into… continue reading »