6 Spots We Often Forget To Clean In Our Home

No doubt we clean our homes on a daily basis, but there’re still many out of sight spots that we generally forget to clean which eventually becomes a breeding space for bacteria. In this post, we will discuss about those common hidden spots that homeowners generally forget to clean.

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Light Switches:
Light switches are some of the filthiest spots in our home as we constantly touch them. Bacterial will be accumulated on the switches if you don’t clean them regularly. To clean your light switches you can use a damp cloth or paper towel and your household cleaner.

Toothbrush Holder:
It is easy to overlook your toothbrush holder, particularly if you cannot see the inner section, where majority if the dirt accumulates. To keep your holder & toothbrushes germ-free you can use hot water alongside mouthwash and a small scrub brush.

Window Screens:
Yes we all like to have pure & natural air in our home, but the air will not be so fresh if our window screens are full of dust. Soak your window screen in warm soapy water & make use of a scrub to eliminate the trash.

Door Knobs:
Knobs are yet another part of our home that often gets ignored during regular cleaning. They should be deep cleaned in regular interval to steer clear of the germs & dirt. You can use a cleaner to wipe them or make use of a deep cleaner if they are crafted from metal and are smelling bizarre.

Trash Cans:
Yes we throw away trash daily, but we hardly deep clean our cans, which can actually cause a lot of diseases. Use a scrub and disinfectant spray to deep clean your trash cans.

Under Your Appliances:
Germs and dirt that nourishes under your appliances such as washing machine, refrigerator and stove must be thoroughly cleaned at least once in every two months.

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