Hidden Benefits of Hiring Professional End of Tenancy Cleaning Service

In cities like London, lots of people are living in the cities like London or will be moving in and out of the city for business activities, educational purposes usually stay in the rental accommodation. At the same time, a number of homeowners avail a house for rent and the tendency of renting or vacating the house will be higher. Perhaps the business people or others may have enough time to concentrate on the end of tenancy cleaning activities which is significant in every case. Fortunately, the End of Tenancy Cleaning in London will assist the tenants in saving their precious time as well as the caution money.

end of tenancy cleaning

Save the time and effort
When you’re moving property, you simply don’t have time to do the cleaning obligation while moving out or the end of tenancy cleaning. Thus, it can be an ideal option to hire an end of tenancy cleaning service in London to do this for you. Our trained and experienced professionals will clean and sanitize your entire rental property in less time. We follow the approved cleaning checklist ensuring quality services within the estimated time period and help you save your time and effort.

Advanced equipment
The best part about hiring our professional end of tenancy cleaning service in London is that we leverage high-end equipment to offer you a thorough and satisfied cleaning service. We have all the necessary cleaning tools carpet cleaners, steam cleaner, innovative techniques, etc those have a significant role in simplifying the entire end of tenancy cleaning process. We also conduct the ongoing quality reviews to make certain the highest standards of cleaning are met.

Simplifies the moving process
There is no doubt that moving a house is a stressful process that needs time, money and effort. In such scenario, getting the time for the end of tenancy cleaning service becomes difficult. Therefore, it is essential to hire professional end of tenancy cleaning service in London that take care of your responsibilities and let you concentrate more on your moving process. Our professionally trained staffs are always with you to meet your wish with an exceptional service that simplifies your moving process with ease.

Secure the security deposit
When you’re moving house, there is plenty to think to do and one of them will be canceling the tenancy agreement. We have the best expertise in giving a deep clean to the rental property to get your property looking spotless and ready for the next tenant to move in. So that you can get back your security deposit before the final move out.

At Glory Clean we have true passion is cleaning facilities of any shape and size and felt great satisfaction in restoring any facility to its original state of cleanliness. We are dedicated to our company and thrive on exceeding customer’s expectations. For consultation or inquiry call us on our number 0207-118-0866 today.

Top 4 Things You Shouldn’t Forget During End of Tenancy Cleaning in London

All set to move out of your rented accommodation in London? And do you need an end of tenancy cleaning in London? However, many tenants fear the moment they move out of their rented home simply because there are lots of things of the rental properties that need cleaning. With such a large checklist, it’s important to make sure that you get your rental accommodation properly cleaned. So when you clean the property, you will need a professional to come in and do the end of tenancy cleaning for you.

However, getting your full deposit back depends only on ensuring the residential property is in the same condition when you arrived – less wear and tear. If you are thinking to get your rental property cleaned and don’t have any idea on where to start, here’s a list of the top things you should do when vacating a property in London:

1. You Should Fully Empty Your Rental Home:

It might sound a bit straightforward, but you’ll be surprised how many people leave items in a residential property. In fact, it happens when a tenant is running out of time and doesn’t want to take a few items of old tatty furniture and leave them as a gift for new tenants. It’s highly advised that you shouldn’t leave anything at the rental home before leaving.

2. You Should Clean Skirting Boards and Door Frames:

So you’ve washed down the surfaces, wiped out all the cupboards and scrubbed the bathroom. But you shouldn’t forget to run a duster over the top of your door frames and skirting boards. Though it seems like a small thing, you’ll be amazed how much lighter, cleaner a property feels when the skirting boards are neat and clean.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning

3. You Should Check Blinds and Curtains:

Possibilities are you’ll be leaving the property in daylight, with the curtains open and the blinds pulled up. Hence, you should take time to close them and check for marks on them if there’s any. Most curtains are washable through machines; but you should check the labels.

When it comes to blinds, use a damp cloth to take out any dirt patches on them. Before rolling up, make sure the blinds are fully dry – if the property is empty for a while, molds could develop while the blinds are rolled up.

4. You Should Clean Carpets:

Carpets are the big thing that you shouldn’t forget when it comes to end of tenancy cleaning in London. If you find your carpet is dirty, it’s great to hire a carpet cleaner the week before you leave. The professional carpet cleaners are experienced and will help you improve the overall look of any carpet. So, you should always check your inventory check-in report, if you can’t remember the state of the carpet while moving in.

Carpet Cleaning Service London


Instead of leaving everything to the last minute, you should start planning ahead of time. However, you can take a copy of the inventory report from your landlord so that you will get an easy to follow checklist of all the areas the check-out report will focus on.

If possible, a week before you move out, just sit down and take the report to know the list of contents until the property is back to how it was at your check-in. So, consider hiring end of tenancy cleaning in London of Glory Clean and we will make sure everything on your inventory will be cleaned before you leave your rental accommodation for sure!

For more details about our end of tenancy cleaning procedure, don’t hesitate to browse over our website at https://www.gloryclean.co.uk/ or get in touch with us at 0207 118 0866!