How to Get Your Carpet and Flooring Ready for Holiday Visitors

The holidays are synonymous with delicious food, good joy, and quality time spent with family and friends! During the busiest season, though, your home may experience an increase in foot traffic. So, your flooring needs a little extra tender loving care before the in-laws arrive. Give your lavished floors a little care before the guests arrive and make your carpeting party-proof Let’s follow a few tips!

Before you start, make sure your carpets are clean.
There’s no better time than the holidays to get your cleaning done quickly. Take some extra time vacuuming and getting carpets ready, in addition to organising living rooms, clean sheets, and giving the bathroom a good scrub. While you may prefer to wait until the aunts and uncles have left for a professional carpet cleaning, you can still get your carpets looking and smelling good before they arrive.

Cleaning Service

Don’t Forget About Other Flooring Options: Keep in mind to look after your tile! Get your grout, carpets, rugs shining before visitors arrive if it has been ignored for a long time. Now is the time to schedule professional carpets, rugs and grout cleaning!

Obtain a Sign: Aside from exciting holiday decor, try purchasing a few signs instructing guests to please remove their shoes. A simple carpet protection option is to use it in the lobby.

Use a Shoe Rack: Do you worry as guests won’t see the sign? You can add a shoe rack to your entryway! Having a designated spot to put the shoes will ease any awkwardness or confusion about removing shoes.

Organize a Slipper Party: Throwing a slipper party is a unique and entertaining way to protect your home’s flooring. It’s a wonderful touch to invite guests or visitors to wear their favourite slippers. Not only will they be more comfortable, but you’ll have less of a mess to deal with, and you won’t have to ask them to take off their shoes or cover up.

Add Extra Floor Mats: Putting extra floor mats in the entryway and outside the front door can help. Providing an additional surface area for guests to clean their feet before entering your property will aid in the containment of dirt and wetness.

Rugs are a fantastic investment.
Rugs can be used as a protective floor covering. In high-traffic areas, a runner or large rug can be extremely beneficial. Do you plan to serve food and drinks outside of your kitchen, or keep your carpets stain-proof? Adding a quality rug can reduce the mud or dirt or other messy things getting to your carpets.

Create a designated party zone.
Define your boundaries & limits! To keep party visitors in a designated area, close doors or use baby gates. While most guests won’t wander off anyway, properly defining the border can be beneficial. Keeping the party to a few rooms can make clean-up easier when everyone leaves and ensure that crumbs don’t end up in your spare bedroom.

Clean the carpets with professional carpet cleaning in Wimbledon
The holidays will almost surely cause some wear and tear, despite your best efforts to minimise spills and protect your carpets—which is absolutely fine!! The most important thing to remember is to spend time with family and friends during the holiday season. Don’t sweat the minor stuff when you get your carpets professionally cleaned after your visitors and family have left. Call our carpet cleaners in Wimbledon today! We offer the finest ever carpet cleaning that you hardly found in the Richmond area. Our comprehensive carpet cleaning services in Wimbledon are unparalleled and our diligent cleaners are the best in the business. Get the gift of great sparkling carpets for less with our carpet cleaners in Wimbledon!

Reasons to Depend on Glory Clean to have the Best Carpet Cleaning in Wimbledon

A clean carpet can provide your home in Wimbledon with the vibe of class, warmth, and magnificence. Individuals who treat their rugs well are making reasonable speculation. We at Glory Clean are an expert carpet cleaning organisation that intends in cleaning your carpets with the most appropriate and effective cleaning products.

Assuming you are searching for the best carpet cleaning in Wimbledon, look no further than our thoroughly prepared professionals. We are available whenever you need to assist by giving successful carpet cleaning administrations and the best outcomes. Rugs collect dust mites allergens and trap various types of scents. So you can have our help to get them cleaned to maintain a sterile and healthy environment in your home!

Cleaners Wimbledon

We are one of the most outstanding expert carpet cleaning organisations in Wimbledon. We give priority to the wellbeing and security of our clients by utilising natural cleansers that produce excellent outcomes. Our cleaners in Wimbledon know how to remove a wide range of stains and have broad information on various texture types!

Expect the best customer service
Numerous other carpet cleaning organisations guarantee their clients of a 100 per cent acceptable outcome; however, in some cases, they miss the mark on their guarantees. We are a reliable carpet cleaning organisation, and we never falter to fulfil our guarantees. Moreover, we deliver magnificent outcomes at reasonable floor covering cleaning costs.

We commit to offering the ideal cleaning service to our esteemed clients with 100 per cent fulfilment and the best carpet cleaning packages.

Our Carpet Cleaning Methods
We utilise the best cleaning methods for every particular need our clients have.

Bonnet Cleaning
This strategy is otherwise called “dry cleaning”, in which self-neutralising cleansers are the principal player. In addition, this method includes what is known as a pad drying strategy, which permits the removal of dirt.

Steam Cleaning
Professional steam cleaning by our expert cleaners includes cleaning rugs in water at 100 degrees Celsius. Other than that, more predominant machines using modern methodologies permit water to reach a temperature up to 150 degrees Celsius. Steam cleaning done at higher temperatures have significantly more power than other extraction techniques.

Encapsulating Cleaning
We develop a complete vacuum with this strategy before applying encapsulating cleaners into the carpet. Then we clean the rug with a revolving agitation machine which permits the cleaning compounds to segregate the dirt from the carpet.

Hot Water Cleaning
This strategy also includes cover cleaning with water similarly to the steam cleaning method, however, up to 100 degrees Celsius. As a result, a few carpet cleaners refer to this strategy as “steam cleaning”, even though the cleaning is not as good as steam cleaning.

Regardless of all precautions you take to keep your carpet clean, it is critical to have our professional carpet cleaning services at least once a year. This is the ideal time to get the best professional carpet cleaning! Call us, and our staff will offer you the best guidance as indicated by your necessities!

Questions to Ask a Professional Carpet Cleaning Company Before Hiring Them

One of the most expensive purchases you’ll make is getting an eye-catching carpet for your space. It’s an essential part of your interior design and one of the first things guests will notice when they come to your home or office. The state of appearance of your carpet sends a message about your facility’s overall condition, no matter if it is a home or office or a library or a school or a medical facility! Do you notice there is wear & soiling, or are there any heavily trafficked carpet areas? Will it make your building look less than optimally maintained? You need to get your carpet cleaned to make a good impression and keep your place free from any health issues. You probably give much importance to which carpet cleaner you choose! But before you make an appointment with the carpet cleaning company that gave you the cheapest quote, consider knowing what they’re doing and their experience in the cleaning industry!Here are a few questions that one should keep in mind while choosing a professional carpet cleaning in London.

carpet cleaning service

Are they insured and bonded?
Do you know improper use of carpet cleaning supplies or chemicals could ruin your carpets? So make sure to ask a carpet cleaning company whether they have insurance & bonding before they enter your premises. Request to check the proof of insurance will give extra peace of mind that you are in a safe hand. We are the professional carpet cleaning company in London and backed by all such basic things, and we will be glad to show you the documents you wish to check.

Will They Offer a Free Demo?
Trust the company that offers a free demonstration by cleaning a section of your carpet in front of you. It will allow you to notice what the finished product will look like. We are the most reputable and professional cleaners in London and are happy to give you a demo of our services.

Will They Give Any Written Guarantee?
For extra peace of mind, you can ask the carpet cleaners to give a written guarantee for their job and what they promise to offer. It ensures you that they will redo the job if you find it unsatisfactory after they get dried. At Glory Clean, we provide a guarantee on our work for giving you extra peace of mind.

What Cleaning Process Do They use?
Just like the wrong cleaning products, using or selecting the wrong carpet cleaning approaches can bring lasting damage. We provide the most appropriate and dealer-recommended method to clean your carpets. We use a steam cleaning or hot water extraction approach to remove the dirt and debris and make your carpets look new. At the same time, meet the warranty conditions of your carpet manufacturer.

What Are The Cleaning Products They Use?
The wrong carpet cleaning supplies bring damage to the carpet fibres. It will probably discolour the carpet surface and its quality. Ask the probable carpet cleaners about the products they used for the cleaning purpose. We are the professional carpet cleanersin London and know which cleaning products are suitable for your carpets. We also assure you that there will be no residue left behind after the cleaning job is over.

Do They Have the Experience to Deal with Residential or Commercial carpets?
When you call someone to clean your carpet, you must want to be sure that they have knowledge and skill in the service they’re providing. You can ask about a company’s experience in commercial carpet cleaning. You can check out their website to see how long they’ve been in the cleaning business, their certification, reviews, and testimonials that back their performance & service quality.

How Much Do They Charge?
It is the most vital point which needs to be considered carefully. What is the price they charge, or what is the quoted price? Whether it excludes the surprise charges is the essential thing you need to be clear about before starting your carpet cleaning project. We are the professional cleaners in London and are happy to give you a transparent estimate before performing any services. We also provide the best deals that you ever find anywhere.

Do you need any assistance to make your carpets look new? Then, rely on our professional carpet cleaners in London who will be happy to do it for you! We provide exceptional carpet cleaning to leave your carpets to look sparkling. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation estimate, and let us know what we can do for you today!

Looking For the Best Carpet Cleaning Service in Kensington? Hire Glory Clean!

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services in Kensington

Customer satisfaction is very important as it is one of the most sought-after criteria in the professional carpet cleaning industry. At Glory Clean, we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. We provide professional carpet cleaning in Kensington with a great level of professionalism.

How do we possibly deliver the best possible carpet cleaning in Kensington?

Glory Clean’s expert carpet cleaners in Wimbledon bring a new lease of life to your living spaces by professionally deep cleaning your carpets to make sure they are free of dust, dirt, debris, hence, ensuring a welcoming environment for you, your family, and friends.

Do you require professional carpet cleaners in Wimbledon? Call the experts at Glory Clean today for a free estimate. Our guaranteed and professional service will clean your dirty carpet and rug problems in no time.

Best Cleaning services London

At Glory Clean, we guarantee,

1. Fantastic results at very affordable prices

2. The highest quality of carpet cleaning in Kensington

3. To offer our customers the best carpet cleaning in Wimbledon

4. Our vehicles are fully equipped with the most powerful machinery available

Each of our cleaning technicians has gone through extensive training and is well prepared for dealing with the most stubborn of stains. Our team has encountered many difficult tasks and has managed to tackle them thereby gaining knowledge and experience that are indispensable. Our professionals are very much dedicated and every task you have for them will be dealt with nothing else but perfection!

With ample experience and knowledge, we have understood that every task requires a different solution. Our professionals have a unique way of approaching every problem differently to ensure maximum results for our clients.

Modern carpets are generally crafted from a great variety of materials, being both from synthetic and organic nature. This is why every fabric requires a different kind of treatment and solution to be dealt with.

Once our expert cleaners Wimbledon are up to the task they will determine the best course of action after running a thorough inspection. This is the most crucial step of the work process, as only an experienced carpet cleaner can choose the right cleaning solution, technique, and treatment process for a certain type of stain and fabric.

Anything wrong can result in damaged and discoloured carpets. So, again knowledge and experience are what matters the most here!

Once the inspection is done, the cleaning process itself begins. We at Glory Clean use only high-quality products and equipment to ensure the best possible results and health safety of our clients.

Our carpet cleaning services in Kensington will make your carpets and upholstery look new. Here are some of the benefits to our regular carpet cleaning:

1. Cost-effective

2. Increases lifespan of carpets

3. Get rid of odours from carpets

4. Knowledge of different carpets

5. Clears bacteria and allergens from carpets

6. Gets rid of stains from carpets

Our Wimbledon carpet cleaning service is always at your disposal! Do not worry and give us a call now!

Why and When to have Professional Carpet Cleaning in Richmond from Glory Clean

The vast majority of us know the advantages of having our carpet cleaned consistently by professional cleaners. However, recently, there is a rise in the number of organizations offering this assistance in Richmond and Chelsea. This has made it hard for one to make out which one of them is the best specialist organization. This makes one wonder, what makes us at Glory Clean, a professional and reliable cleaning organization, have perfect carpet cleaning in Richmond? We have detailed the explanations underneath.


Polished methodology through preparing
We all realize that it is impossible that an expert can offer the best administrations if they have not had appropriate training. If one has training in the correct way, they will acquire polished methodology, which will naturally mean incredible outcomes. When you are out there searching for carpet cleaners in Richmond, it is significant that you consider how trained they are. As a reputed and trustworthy cleaning organization, we have expert carpet cleaners who have gone through an ensured course and able to offer great administrations.

Use of eco-friendly products
These days, the best carpet cleaning items are those that are eco-friendly. As a reputable carpet cleaning organization we subsequently, utilize them. As a reliable and professional carpet cleaning organization, when we use such items to clean your carpet, you will not have to stress over the well-being of your kids, home environment, or even that of the pets. As we utilize detergent free cleaning arrangements, most appropriately, you should agree to it. At the point when you have us doing your cleaning, you will feel more secure and relaxed.

Insurance coverage offered
As a reputed and expert carpet cleaning organization, we have an insurance strategy that is comprehensive of any incidental harm and likewise incorporates public utility. This is significant, as it will not just cover the cleaner; however, it will again give cover to your property if any harm happens when you have professional cleaning services in Chelsea from us.

Investment in cleaning equipment
We think investing in cleaning equipment goes inseparably with utilizing trained staff. Suppose an organization does not put well in its hardware to guarantee that they are using the most recent innovation. In that case, it will be challenging for them to accomplish consumer loyalty and ensure perfect adherence to their requirements. Along these lines, it is acceptable that we put resources into modern carpet cleaning hardware as they offer deep carpet cleaning, and they guarantee that the carpet dries quicker without utilizing a great deal of power. It is not difficult to realize that we are a professional carpet cleaning organization by taking a gander at our equipment.

Sensible service charge
If you select us for cleaning your carpet, you can expect to have a professional cleaning at an affordable cost. We do not have any hidden costs to astonish you after the job.

When you need to have professional carpet cleaning done by Glory Clean
Having your carpets perfectly cleaned by us at Glory Clean is the ideal approach to guarantee they are immaculate, sterile, and equipped to withstand long stretches of wear. There are various occasions or situations when you need to have your carpets expertly cleaned, and if any of the accompanyings applies, it is an ideal opportunity to call us.

Kids at home
Kids make messes as a feature of their everyday schedule. Sometimes, it is intentional, and now and then, it is a mishap; however, whatever the explanation, things like mud, food, paint and coloured pencils discover their way into your carpets. With their consistent movement, kids put a ton of wear to your carpets and restoring those strands is an undertaking for us, the experts.

Pets in the house
Alongside every one of the wrecks and stains youngsters cause on your floor coverings, pets add more components like fur, dirty paw prints, drool and disagreeable “shocks.”

Rough stains
When you have tough stains that you could not remove, it is the ideal opportunity for an expert carpet cleaning in Richmond from us. Even though it might appear inconceivable for you to eliminate a stain, we have particular hardware and cleansers that can eliminate probably the most challenging stains. We have the expert experience to give the best carpet clean possible!

Forthcoming occasion
The upcoming event may be a reason for you to have professional carpet cleaning done by us. Therefore, it is an ideal opportunity to have your carpets expertly cleaned to keep your home safe and sterile for the event guests, especially during this period of COVID-19 infection. For the most significant wow impact, have your carpets cleaned by us at Glory Clean a couple of days before your next event.

High-Quality Carpet Cleaning Services Chelsea | Glory Clean

What is not to love about owning a new carpet? Not only it can brighten up the appearance of a room, but also provides lovely warmth underfoot. Keeping your carpet clean is whole together another story, however. But it does not need to become a drama thanks to the help of our carpet cleaning services Chelsea.

Carpet cleaning Chelsea was set up to provide Chelsea residents and businesses with high quality, affordable carpet cleaning services Chelsea. We set our standards exceptionally high and stand out from others by never settling for anything but the best results that we can achieve for each individual carpet.

Carpet Cleaning Chelsea

Carpet cleaning is a skilled task, and you will be glad to know that the professionals we employ to deep clean your carpet have received extensive industry training.

Our carpet cleaners Chelsea make use of modern equipment to bring the sparkle back to your carpet and are also highly skilled at the task of removing marks and stains, which so often blight a carpet. Our cleaning experts make use of the most advanced tools for cleaning carpets which employ a powerful hot water extraction system reaching the roots of the carpet and eradicating dust as bacteria.

Also, the products we use to remove odour and stains offer incredible results. Despite the superpowers of our products to remove stubborn stains, they are kind to your carpet’s fibres and won’t leave any toxic or unpleasant residues behind. Along with the marks and dirt that are clear to the naked eye, our cleaning methods also remove contaminants that you cannot see. They tend to be buried deep inside your carpet’s fibres, and can actually cause discolouration and damage to your carpet if left unchecked.

So, whether muddy footprints, pet accidents, wine spillages, or other blemishes have turned your carpet into an eyesore, rely on our hardworking professionals to restore them to their former glory.

Dust mites, in particular, are something of a nuisance, where they will happily settle in your carpet, and can exacerbate allergy symptoms like hayfever or asthma in those who come in contact with it. But do not worry as our carpet cleaners Chelsea have got the necessary products that work a treat to keep you and your carpet healthy.

At Glory Clean, we take pride in the fact that we offer great customer services, too. Our fully certified professionals are polite, reliable, and friendly, and with a wide range of skills and expertise, they are equipped to clean any style of carpet you throw at them.

Glory Clean offers convenient and affordable services, so whether you are a commercial or residential customer or a landlord, you will find us tough to beat.

With flexible hours of business and friendly and reliable service, there is a high chance that once you have hired Glory Clean, you will return again. Call us now at 0207 118 08667 to get the ball rolling. You can also write to us at in case of any further queries.

For more information on carpet cleaning services, visit us at

Good to know Facts about Carpet Cleaning and Corona Virus

We all know that corona virus and the current novel strain COVID-19 spread by means of droplets when a person sneezes or coughs. These droplets stay attached to surfaces and remain there. If a person touches such a surface contaminated with infected droplets, the virus travels to the other person and infect them.

Carpets are surfaces, which we do not touch frequently, but it is not that it cannot have the COVID-19 virus. As a person sneezes or coughs the infected droplets, falls on the carpet surface and stay there waiting for anyone to touch it.

Carpet Cleaning Kensington

So, professional carpet cleaning in Kensington is necessary and we at Glory Clean are always ready to offer the best of cleaning following cleaning methods as told by health authorities.

We share here some good to know facts about carpet cleaning and corona virus.

Duration COVID-19 can survive in carpet
Humidity, temperature and the porosity of the surface determines for how long the COVID-19 virus can stay on a surface. Carpet has a porous surface and can retain humidity, so it is the ideal place for corona virus to stay. Though not sure, corona virus can remain alive on carpets for 2 to 9 hours. So, it is for sure that regular cleaning of carpet is a necessity.

Does a clean look of carpet ensure cleanliness?
It is not that one needs to have corona virus at your house or business facility, carpet is an item that generally collects dust, dirt and germ. The carpet that you have in your home can harbour about 200,000 bacteria per square inch. So, even if your carpet seems clean, it is not that it does not have germs or virus. So, carpet cleaning in Hammersmith from us is a necessity and of vital importance as always.

Is it necessary to have professional carpet cleaning after the end of the COVID-19 pandemic?

House owners can’t create an inhospitable condition in the carpet for viruses. However, we the professional carpet cleaners can clean carpets using steam and kill all viruses, which may have made the carpet their home. The high temperature developed during steam killing is ideal for killing the viruses. Our cleaners have adequate knowledge and training to perform steam cleaning of your carpets using the best of steam cleaners. NHS also recommends the use of steam to kill the viruses.

As the impact of the COVID-19 virus has a downward trend, it is ideal to have your carpets cleaned professionally by our cleaners using the best of steaming methodology. Our reliable, prompt, efficient and affordable carpet cleaning in Kensington will make sure that your interior is free from any disease-causing pathogens.

Professional vs. DIY Carpet Cleaning Hammersmith

At some point, we all carpet owners ponder over the idea of cleaning our carpets thoroughly. Carpet cleaning is not just vital for removing stains or spills, having clean carpet can extend or improve the lifespan of your carpet.

That been said, there are two main options of carpet cleaning in Hammersmith – hiring a professional carpet cleaning Hammersmith company or doing it yourself. Both of these options, if done properly, will offer a deep clean than the regular process of vacuuming or removing stains.

But now you are left wondering which is the most feasible option for your home? Let’s take a look at what it means to do the carpet cleaning yourself versus hiring a professional steam carpet cleaning Kensington company.

Carpet Cleaning

Professional Carpet Cleaning Service vs. DIY

Know-How and Experience
When hiring a professional carpet cleaner, you got someone who is certified and well-trained to do a thorough carpet cleaning. They will evaluate your carper thoroughly and steam clean to extract dirt and grime that is deep within your carpet. The most important thing that a professional carpet cleaner Hammersmith has over DIY is better know-how and experience.

The experience they have gained over the years working with several clients and carpet type means that they can deal with the most challenging situation effortlessly. Moreover, the experience is the vital reason why an expert carpet cleaning in Hammersmith will do the cleaning better and a lot faster than you ever will, even if you use the same equipment.

You Know What You Are Getting
You do not always know what you are embarking on when doing a DIY carpet cleaning. The equipment may not have been properly cleaned, be faulty, or you might end up struggling to know how you can use the machine. Upon hiring an expert carpet cleaner, you know what you are getting, which is a beautiful looking and spotless carpet. This will save you from unwanted frustration and potential struggles.

Maintaining Your Carpet’s Appearance
Having a professional carpet cleaner come into your place and clean your carpets can help keep the appearance of your carpets bright and in good shape. The high traffic areas of your home, like the entryways and hallways, tend to build up dirt and debris quicker. And if left longer, they can become challenging to clean. You may then require the service of a professional cleaning company to restore the appearance of your carpet.

Faster Drying Time
This is another factor to consider when comparing DIY vs professional carpet cleaning Hammersmith. When cleaned by professionals, the drying time of your carpet is significantly lower than DIY cleaning. This is because the professionals make use of state-of-the-art equipment that removes large amounts of moisture from the carpet letting it dry faster.

If you are looking for a quality job and want to save money, effort, time, and any potential damage to your carpet hire a professional carpet cleaning Hammersmith. They might cost a little more but will offer a better result within a short span. They have the better commercial and residential supplies as well as experience with almost every type of carpet stain.

Factors to Consider When Hiring the Services of Carpet Cleaning Kensington

Many homeowners try their hands-on DIY carpet cleaning Kensington to save a few pounds, but DIY is not usually the easiest solution when it comes to larger tasks like carpet cleaning.

Indeed, carpet plays an important role in adding comfort and enhancing the beauty of a home. However, it completely depends on the quality and proper maintenance of the carpets. One should always keep them cleaned as dirt particles can destroy their natural texture or even affect the quality of life. So, going for DIY carpet cleaning at home is not the solution.

Cleaning Services Chelsea

A professional carpet cleaning company London can help to clean them using the state-of-the-art equipment. But, there are many carpet cleaning firms in London today. So finding the top carpet cleaning services Chelsea requires great knowledge regarding the best carpet cleaning service provider London.

What one needs to look for?
Hiring a professional carpet cleaning company London is the perfect option. One should look into many factors before hiring a carpet cleaning Kensington. Here are the five things to look after before hiring a provider of carpet cleaning services Chelsea.

Flexibility and Reliability –
It’s paramount to look for the best service provider who provides reliable carpet cleaning services Chelsea. On the same note, one should consider a company that is very flexible and can adapt to your busy lifestyle.

Customer Service –
Quality customer care services can reflect in various ways. It can be in the form of high-quality services, and friendly staff among others. Whichever the way, it is vital to consider a company that provides top-notch customer care services.

Expertise –
One should always look after a company with certified and highly-trained specialists. Besides, their staff members should also commit to delivering high-quality results. Admittedly, high skilled staff members work more effectively and efficiently and offer better results. They can optimize their time and finish more work in the stipulated time. This, in turn, will drive expenses down.

Cost –
Cost is the most significant thing that people consider when hiring the best carpet cleaning specialist Kensington. However, you need to also know that cheaper carpet cleaning services do not necessarily mean the best option. Beware of the firms with reduced cost and poor quality services.

Reputation –
There are numerous techniques that you should consider when looking for the best carpet cleaning professional Kensington. First, make sure to check the website of the company and read some testimonials. Besides, also search for some reviews about the firm on Google. Or, you can also speak to any of the past clients of the company (if you want).

Equipment Used –
What chemical type does the cleaning firm use for cleaning? What are the equipment or methods they use for cleaning carpets? Ensure you ask these questions to the company that you’re considering to hire. The application of any strong chemical can reduce indoor air quality or cause other long-term damages. So, keep these things in mind when making your approach.

So, if you’re interested in having your carpet professionally cleaned, and live in the Kensington, London area, contact Glory Clean, Ludgate Hill, London to schedule an appointment for your home today!

How Do You Keep Your Carpet Looking New and Fresh?

Do you know germs live in your carpet fibers? It’s better to eliminate germs before they spread to other areas of your home. Here are a few useful carpet cleaning tips to keep your carpet looking new and fresh:

Carpet Cleaning

Don’t let your kids eat anywhere but on the table.

It seems simple; probably one of the perfect ways to keep your carpet looking and smelling fresh. It may be tempting to let them sit in front of the TV and enjoy their snack after a long day or school. But bites of sandwich can produce many crumbs or jelly drips that will certainly find their way into the carpet.

Focus on the high traffic areas.

There are lots of areas in your home that rare traveled more than others. The paths down the stairs, the TV or from the living room to the fridge are more likely high traffic areas in your home. Specific areas of your home are used more and you need to monitor and keep those areas clean and tidy as well.

Generally, carpets start showing wear and tear much quickly in these areas because of constant use. Stains are more than likely to show up. Start vacuuming and treating stains as soon as possible; when you see them and keep your carpet looking fresh.

Don’t rub spills.
When you spill anything, grab a towel and start rubbing. You may think that you’re doing a good job cleaning up that spill. This way, you’re letting the stain soak into carpet fibers much deeper. Blot up the stains instead.

Take a paper towel or a cotton towel to blot over the top of the spill. It’s highly suggested to start blotting from the outside the stain and make your way to the middle. Doing so makes sure that the stain remains smaller and won’t spread further.

Clean a carpet once in every six month.
Clean your carpets at least once in every six months so that there won’t be any grime hiding in the fibers. Generally, dirt comes into your home during summer, the leaves and twigs drag through the door during autumn, snow and ice make its way onto the floor during winter, and all of pollen makes its way into your carpet during spring. If you plan cleaning your carpets every six month, you’ll eliminate dirt and grime each and every time.

Don’t allow shoes on the carpet.
Is there a carpet in your home? You shouldn’t allow your shoes inside to protect your carpet. It eliminates wear and tear on the carpet and will prevent dirt and germs into the home.

Keep a mat near every door.
This is especially helpful, if you can’t or won’t enforce a no-shoe rule at your property. It allows your guests and pets to clean their feet quickly before walking on the carpet. There’s a huge availability of fun welcome mats for sale; so pick out one that compliments your style or expresses your personality.

Final Consideration –
When it comes to scheduling carpet cleaning in Richmond, you should look no further than Glory Clean. We have experienced and highly skillful carpet cleaners in Richmond to handle deep cleaning, stain removal, odour removal or spot removal in the best way as possible. Feel free to contact us today at 0207-118-0866 and let us leave you with nice smelling and germ-free carpets.