Why Upholstery Cleaning is Necessary? – An Insight

Has sneezing and coughing become a common thing at your home that is preventing you from enjoying your happy time with family? Then the main culprit behind all this could be the exposure to allergens, dirt and bacteria hiding behind your sofa set, curtains and other accessories within your home! Now is there a solution to it? Then the answer is yes, of course.

Keeping your upholstery clean and in a perfect working order is the first and most essential thing that you should do. Now you must be thinking, how cleaning the upholstery can help in getting rid of the sneezing and coughing problem. Then the reasons below will answer your question well!

Upholstery Cleaning London

You get a healthy home/office environment –
Whether you are at your home or office where do you spend the most of your time? At the chair, couch, sofa, bed or any other furniture right! Therefore, when you clean your upholstery on a regular basis, the bacteria, allergens and germs are kept at bay. When your upholstery is clean and dirt-free you will have an enjoyable time watching TV, bonding with your kids over their daily at school, have a family dinner together or even spend a quality time with your spouse and that to without any interruption of sneezing or coughing! The furniture at your home or office when not cleaned on a regular basis becomes the hotspot of germs, allergens and dirt.

You get an Ideal Living Space –
What appeals you more? A faded and discolored couch or an attractive and bright colored couch or sofa! Of course the attractive and bright colored one! That’s the other case if you like a faded one! As your upholstery furniture is the most popular spot in your house its cleaning should be your primary duty as it not only eliminates dirt, bacteria and allergen but also enhances your most faded furniture and restore it. And this makes your living room an ideal and beautiful spot for relaxation.

Save Money in the Long Run –
Many people think regular cleaning of upholstery by professionals can cost them more! But they forget that when they do not take care of their upholstery furniture initially, it costs them more as they will have to replace the old ones with new ones at the end. Keeping upholstery cleaning as a priority is a smart way to save time as well as money in the long run, as you do not have to spend it on the new, for replacing the old. Instead, transform your old one into new again by opting for a safe, effective and professional cleaning.

We at Glory Clean make use of eco-friendly and safe cleaning solution to give your furniture a deep clean. We offer upholstery cleaning in Streatham for both residential and commercial clients with the help of our highly skilled, trained and professional technicians.

Whether you are looking for professional and personalized upholstery cleaning in Streatham for your residential or commercial property we make sure to deliver quality deep upholstery cleaning solutions that will exceed your expectations.

We are renowned for providing top class upholstery cleaning in London. For further information regarding our services contact us at 0207 118 0866 or write to us at office@gloryclean.co.uk

Is the Carpets or Upholstery in your Home Makes your Family Sick?

People are conscious of the fact that outdoor air pollution can damage their health, but they may not attentive about indoor air pollution. Perhaps it will bring significant health effects on your family members. One must surprise to know about the fact that the indoor air levels of many pollutants may be five times higher than outdoor levels! The intensity of indoor air pollutants inside a home is of particular concern because most people spare as much as 80% of their time indoors. Using carpets and upholstered furniture’s can act as a filter to the air pollutant inside a home. But when it became dirt or are not cleaned for longer, it will become a breeding ground for pollution. Hence need a specialized carpet or upholstery cleaning service.

upholstery cleaning Putney

Poor indoor air quality may be arising as the carpets, and upholstery furniture’s are home to maximum air pollutions. Further, it is a leading cause of allergies in humans. Allergies always overreact to the immune system and foreign substances. In the long run it may overreact to weaken your immune system, and leaving you vulnerable to transmittable diseases caused by viruses and bacteria. Hence the homeowner must rely on our specialized carpets or upholstery cleaning service in Putney and make their lifestyle ease.

Allergic reactions can vary from mildly uncomfortable to life-threatening! Health experts are concerned about various irritants and asthma that make peoples breathing difficult. We have specialized carpets or upholstery cleaning service in Putney that plays a crucial role in such a situation. We help you get rid of such issues in the future. We provide professional upholstery cleaning in Putney that makes your home ambiance spotless and fresher than ever.

Carpet can get lots of stains if you have kids and pets. You know, kids and pets always want to play, and they are not aware of what they are doing. Sometimes they are eating foods and then throw it wherever and the case worst in case of pets as well. Such things attract and make the carpets or upholstery the biggest source of indoor air pollution. Our upholstery cleaning in Putney helps in removing dirt, hair and other particles from your carpet, and keeps the surface of the carpet clean.

The primary source of indoor air pollution is the typical household dust mites! Even though living mites are not easy to eliminate from carpet, but their feces are easily detached from carpets by proper cleaning. Routine carpet cleaning helps to stay away from enough allergen that affects people. We provide proper maintenances, preservation and cleaning procedures for your carpet and upholstery cleaning that completely prevents the health issues from its source.

Regular cleanings are essential, not just to maintain the appearance of your carpets, but for hygienic reasons, as well. Studies and research conclude that carpets can benefit indoor air quality by acting as a filter for indoor air. It traps and holds the dust mites, pollutants, and allergens like pollen, pet dander, and molds that play a significant role in allergic ailment. The key to maintaining good indoor air quality in a home is to rely on our expert carpets and upholstery cleaning in Putney. We will assist you in removing the pollutants from its source.

If you did not clean your carpets or upholstery regularly than it will help the dust mite to grow and make your home their favorite breeding grounds. Waiting until the carpets look dirty can be too long if you have children or pets. Having the carpets and upholstery cleaned at least twice a year is always a wise idea. Proper cleaning help you get rid of the dust mites and other indoor pollutants that thrive in upholstered furniture and deep in the carpets.

Keeping your carpet clean takes some work, but with reasonable care, you can keep your home spotless and lengthen the carpets or upholstery’s last for decades! Call our specialized carpets or upholstery cleaning service in Putney to protect your valuable at its best!

Useful Checklist for End of Tenancy Cleaning in Battersea

Unfortunately, most people end up losing their deposits just because they’ve not cleaned up the rental property and the landlord will keep the hold of the deposit to cover any cleaning expenses. In case, you don’t need to be in a situation when you will have to lose your deposit.

For this reason, you should clean the place spotlessly or hire professional end of tenancy cleaning in Battersea, London to do it for you. In both cases, a checklist is a must that should be considered for good results and guarantee that you get back your deposit. Here’s the checklist for end of tenancy cleaning in London:

End of Tenancy Cleaning

Clean up the bedroom.
Let’s start the cleaning with the bedroom. Certainly, it’s the place you may think is very clean, but may have built-up dust that needs cleaning. So you should start with wardrobes and cupboards and make sure you have wiped them inside and out.

Then focus on bedroom floor. It’s advisable that if you don’t have any stubborn stains, you shouldn’t use any shampoo as it takes a long time to dry. Last but not the least, wipe down any lamp shades, pictures, switches, power points, drawers and remove cobwebs.

Clean up the bathroom.
Cleaning a bathroom is a time consuming as it will take enough time disinfecting it and removing limescale. The entire bathroom will get benefited from the use of products that will kill bacteria effectively.

Start cleaning up the shower and clean the shower head as well as the shower screen on both sides until they are spotless. After that, keep your eye on descaling of taps and sink. Obviously, the tiles will require a good wipe down and remove any dirt from the filling in between. Clean the mirrors, floors, cupboards, skirting boards, fans, etc carefully.

Clean up the kitchen.
The kitchen is another important room your landlord will check very carefully. It’s the main responsibility for every cleaning agency because they know a lot of dirt and grease can be accumulated in the kitchen. Apart from the common places you need to clean the windows, doors, cupboards, skirting boards, tiles and floors, you’ll need to clean all the appliances to perfection.

Clean up the dining and living room.
The dining and living rooms are used the most in homes. Even if they are cleaned up all the time, the dirt and grime will build up over time. The checklists for both rooms are same like bedroom. You will need to clean the floors, windows, skirting boards, window frames, lamp shades, door frames and remove cobwebs to prevent the appearance of spiders. Refresh the curtains and couch as with time they may have unpleasant odors.

The Hallway
Last but not the least; the hallway is important part of every home. The floors, the skirting boards, cupboards, pictures, and lamp shades should be cleaned and refreshed. All cobwebs need to be removed.

The end of tenancy cleaning checklist
This checklist is simple and effective as it’s much easier to clean. Rest assured that, it will guarantee that all areas that will be checked by landlord are covered. Glory Clean is a reliable cleaning agency offering superior standard end of tenancy cleaning in London. So don’t lose your deposit because your property isn’t cleaned up to its standard. For more information, please visit our website at https://www.gloryclean.co.uk/.

Why DIY Carpet Cleaning Doesn’t Make Sense

So you have got a bit of water leak or pet stain on your carpet! How hard it’s going to be to clean it on your own? Either you employ the material & tools you already have, or just rent a carpet cleaning machine. Problem sorted out, right? Wrong.

Let’s talk about some of the common risks you may experience when trying the DIY carpet cleaning approach.

DIY Carpet Cleaning

Terrible results:
Whether you use a home cleaning machine or rent one form your nearby store, neither can produce the needed power to reach deep into your carpets fibre & clean it thoroughly. Anything that plugs directly into your home wall or runs a weak battery does not have the power to clean carpets, rugs or upholstered items deeply. By doing so, you are wasting your time, money and effort only to realise it did not help. Our carpet cleaners in Wandsworth use only the highest standard equipment that possesses the power to clean your carpets regardless of their fabric.

Bad smelling carpets or rugs:
If you don’t give immediate attention to your wet carpet, you’ll end up with a bad smelling carpet. This may also occur if the tool you use isn’t powerful enough to reach deep & absorb the humidity. Contact Glory Clean now to take care of your damp carpets immediately, and you will make sure you will not end up with a foul smell all through your house.

When you fall short to clean your carpets correctly from the very first attempt, you could quickly end up with a mould buildup. Not just is mould obnoxious, but it can seriously impact your wellbeing. Don’t put your health at risk! Schedule our professional carpet cleaning service now.

Delaminated carpet:
Delamination happens when carpets detach from their secondary backing. This is usually prompted by excess humidity underneath the carpet. However, when you appoint our professional carpet cleaners, your carpets won’t experience any delamination.

Excess humidity can also make your carpet or rugs to shrink & pull away from the wall. This occurs because your carpet wasn’t cleaned properly and dried in the first place. However, when you hire a pro carpet cleaning service like us, we act fast to dry your carpet & safeguard it against future damage.

DIY carpet cleaning may save you a few hundred pounds, but in the long term, it will only deteriorate the quality of your carpets. This is why hiring professional carpet cleaners in Wandsworth always make sense. Call Glory Clean now for a quote.

Upholstery Fabric: How to Choose the Best One According To Your Need

The first & foremost thing that comes to our mind when we think about purchasing upholstered furniture is generally what colour to choose. It is no doubt the most crucial aspect of fabric selection, but other factors are equally important as well.

Fabric Durability:
The significance of fabric durability differs relying on the piece of furniture. Which room it’s used in & personal aspects of the family, such as if pets and kids live in the home. Your fabric selection must reflect those issues:

• Woven patterns hold up longer in comparison to printed ones because of higher thread counts & tight weaves.

• Pick a fabric based on who’ll be using your couch. If you love to sit on the couch with your pet, consider leather or microfiber as these can endure extra wear & tear.

Fabric Style:
Pick the fabric that harmonizes both the piece of furniture & the interior decoration of your home. Your fabric selection must be tuneful with the style & character of the piece it’s covering. For instance, a conventional fabric is a go-to option for a traditional-style frame. Some fabrics look casual, whereas others seem more formal. Pick a fabric that reverberates your style & the mood of the decoration in that room.

Fabric Color:
The colour of the fabric is quite often the 1st choice you make when purchasing upholstered furniture and it has a considerable impact on your decor, particularly if the furniture piece is a big couch that’ll dominate the room.

Ensure your colour selection is one you can live with happily for a long time. For example, it might best to ignore a pretty bold colour for a smaller room, particularly if your couch is so big. Neutrals are usually the safest route since they tend to please over time.

Special considerations:
• Fade resistance: This factor is really critical if your upholstered furniture will be placed in an area that receives ample sunlight or close to a window,

• Mildew resistance: Buy fabric that’s mildew resistant if you dwell in a humid climate.

• Allergies: Choose fabric such as microfiber for particular allergies because it’s lint-free and doesn’t attract dust.

• Pets: If you’ve pets in your home avoid using subtle fabrics like silk or any fabric with plenty of texture. Choose pet-friendly upholstery instead.

Last but not least look for professional upholstery cleaning in London to make sure your upholstered items last longer.  Here at Glory Clean, we have a fully trained crew who know precisely what chemicals & what tools are to be employed on different fabrics. Call us now to schedule an appointment.

Why You Should Hire an After Builder Cleaner Instead Of Doing It Yourself

No building project is officially concluded until the whole project area has been inspected & cleaned thoroughly. The thorough cleaning of a construction site is much more than just simple cleaning & removal of wreckage. Detailed cleaning includes the elimination of every single irregularity from each square centimeters of each room. Windows are scrubbed, floors are cleaned, every atom of dust is vacuumed, and no stone is left unturned throughout this process.

By no way this is something that can be done quickly and easily, so it’s highly advocated that you should look for a service provider who has been doing after builders cleaning in London with several years of experience. Not everyone has the skills and resources to do a cleaning job after a building project, so why not put this responsibility in the hands of a reputed after builders cleaning service like Glory Clean.

Here are the advantages of hiring an after builder cleaning service instead of doing it on your own:

They will remove debris from top to bottom:
Construction waste, pieces of woods, concrete, debris, and other waste need nothing less than professional cleaning. Be it restoration or a new building, the whole place should be cleaned thoroughly & the debris must be safely disposed. When you call Glory Clean, you will receive a team of after builder cleaners in London who possess all the tools and skills required to complete the task safely and effectively.

They’ll remove all surface dust:
The surface of furniture & storage areas should be cleaned meticulously following a renovation or reconstruction project. Our cleaners will clean the surfaces, cupboards, shelves, doors, windows, and cabinets with special cleaning solutions following a thorough vacuuming process. This will get rid of all the dust and debris that settles on floor or other surfaces.

They will cover each nook & cranny:
Regular cleaners usually tend to ignore the difficult to reach areas when dealing with after builders cleaning project. But at Glory Clean, we emphasize on covering each nook & cranny to make sure our clients get a thoroughly cleaned property and start using the place almost immediately.

They’ll make your property ready for use:
Pets, children and other family members may fall sick if they inhale the sawdust, hazardous substances and chemicals from paints remains from a renovation or construction project. Our cleaners will clean out all such hazardous substances to ensure your property is completely ready for normal living.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact Glory Clean today and enjoy the highest quality after builders cleaning in London.

Choosing the Right Upholstery and Cleaning Regimen

Upholstery furniture makes the dwelling into a place to live in with family.

The upholstered furniture brings in uniqueness and comfort to any roof. Different types of furniture like the sofas, ottomans and armchairs through the fabrics and colours create moods and perceptions of the outside world.

When it comes to choosing the right upholstered furniture, they should be comfortable, functional, and effective and make a house to a real home. While choosing the fabric for furniture you need to consider not only your preferences but also the characteristics of the material, functionality, durability and convenience.

Choose the right upholstery fabric for your home.
The choice of upholstery fabric for your home depends on different factors. You should consider all of them before buying an upholstered fabric. How often will you use your furniture? Do you have small kids and pets at home? Always make sure that you choose a fabric that works well for lifestyle.

• Leather is always a perfect choice; though it’s expensive, extremely resistant and easy to maintain.

• Choose a synthetic material that works for a living room where you can meet your guests.

• Cotton is a right fabric as it’s absorbent and suitable as compared to leather in both hot and cold climates.

• You should consider durability while choosing right fabric. The sofa is often used furniture and needs denser fabric. Take a look at the label and see the threads used in every square centimetre. The higher number threads are, the more durable and denser the fabric is.

• Sunlight is necessary. Some fabrics are manufactured and treated perfectly to prevent fading from the constant exposure to sunlight.

Maintaining your upholstery furniture
You want the upholstery furniture serve you as long as possible; do you know how to maintain them?

Therefore, you should remove the stains on your upholstery right away after their occurrence with a dry, perfectly-absorbing cloth and manufacturer recommended cleaning solution.

Before cleaning the upholstered furniture, you should read the manufacturer label of the furniture as it may result in irreversible damage to the surface. Please remember that, it can affect the structure of the upholstery and colour.

Useful tips for removing stains
While cleaning a spot, apply the cleaning solution with a cloth or soft brush and don’t use it directly on the fabric. Don’t rub the surface as it can damage the fabric completely.

After cleaning and drying the upholstered furniture, you should impregnate the furniture. Remember that, use the upholstery only after the surface is completely dry.

Final consideration
Want to be certain that your upholstered furniture is cleaned perfectly? If yes, schedule professional Upholstery cleaning in London at Glory Clean today. Our proven upholstery cleaning in Battersea makes the use of high-quality equipment and cleaning products to deliver desired results.

For more information about our upholstery cleaning services in Battersea and throughout London, please give us a call at 0207 118 0866.

Maintaining the Cleanliness and Durability of Carpet

Carpets add a unique touch to your overall home decor. It is a good way to bring the sophistication into your home and make it looking classy all the time. Carpet makes the place more comfortable by giving an ultimate level of warmth and feel altogether. Remember that, carpet stays for long, if it’s maintained and cleaned very well. Regular cleaning makes your carpet look and feel good always. In fact, knowing how to maintain the carpet goes a long way of course.

Carpet Cleaning Service

Don’t forget to vacuum regularly – While it’s true that vacuuming is not a favourite chore for homeowners, it is the one you should address often enough. Vacuuming is the simplest and easiest way as possible to deal with the dust. Therefore, you should vacuum your carpet once a week.

This is more than enough to make sure the no dust goes deep within carpet fibres, where cleaning is very difficult. Get a decent vacuum cleaner and keep the carpet free of dirt, dust, and different allergens that are trapped in from the outside.

Try to keep the dirt to a minimum level – As far tracking the dirt from outside is concerned, you should take preventive measures immediately. However, get a good quality mat and keep it in front of the door. Wiping the feet there ensures that much less dirt on inside your home.

In addition to, you should follow the habit of keeping your shoes outside instead of walking with them inside. It will reduce the dirt on your carpet effortlessly and make the carpet cleaning process a lot easier than usual.

Treat stains immediately – Dust is not only the problem you have to deal with, when it comes to cleaning your carpet. There is a huge availability of stains that the carpet fabric may get over time, ranges from food and drinks to mud and pet accidents. You should know that whatever the stain, you should address it as soon as possible. Only then, you can hope to remove it successfully.

Use stain remover only after testing – There are different stain removers to help you get rid of stains. Not all of them are safe for your carpet fabrics. To make it safe, you should test every product on a small area before using them further. This way, you’ll get rid of nasty surprises.

Schedule professional carpet cleaning in Putney, London – Even if you are expert in carpet cleaning chores, vacuuming and stain removal is not enough to keep the carpet in the top shape. This is what experienced carpet cleaning services in Putney are available for. With state-of-the-art tools and advanced techniques, the expert carpet cleaners can sanitise your carpet completely and make sure it’s free of dirt and allergens.

Final Consideration –
Getting a beautiful and tidy carpet for your home is an important decision. Carpets add warmth and make your living space more welcoming as well as inviting. They come in different colours and sizes best fitting any room. One thing you shouldn’t forget that they do require sufficient care and regular cleaning.

Therefore, it’s highly suggested to consider scheduling carpet cleaning in Putney, London by Glory Clean and let the carpet cleaning pros handle the rest! Please get in touch with us today to know more about our carpet cleaning services in London!

End of Tenancy Cleaning Guide and Checklist

Do you move out of rental property often in Clapham, Battersea, or Streatham? If yes, you might be aware of the complexity of end of tenancy cleaning in Clapham. It’s a thorough cleaning process that covers every nook and corner of the property you’re vacating.

End of tenancy cleaning means a deep cleaning of the property you are vacating. Both agents and landlords are very strict towards following all the requirements mentioned in the tenancy agreement.

So you better make sure you go through the document while getting ready to do the end of tenancy cleaning in Battersea. While most rental agreements are different, you should prepare a standard checklist to help you cover the most common requirements designed by agents and landlords.

End of Tenancy Cleaning

Checklist for End of Tenancy Cleaning

1. Living Room –
Living room is probably the room where you spend most of the time throughout the tenancy period. It’s an easy place to start from. Supposedly, it should be cleaned. Just a quick vacuuming and a little dusting won’t do the trick for end of tenancy cleaning in Streatham. You should follow the checklist to clean your living room:

• Start cleaning the windows, doors, mirrors, pictures, light fittings, and skirting boards.

• Clean off all furniture (if the rented property is furnished).

• Clean inside and out any cupboards or storage facilities present in the property while moving in.

• Consider full vacuuming the furniture (if there is any)

2. Hallways and Stairs –
The perfect place to cover during your end of tenancy cleaning is the hall area and the stairs. To clean the hallway and stairs, you should:

• Mop or vacuum the stairs and hallway

• Clean light fittings and skirting boards

3. Bedrooms –
Considering end of tenancy cleaning for bedrooms is quite similar to what you’d do in the living room. Just make sure you are not missing a spot and check what requires to be covered:

• Clean the mirrors, windows, pictures, doors, skirting boards, and light fittings.

• Wipe both inside and out of all furniture that was initially in the property like beds, wardrobes, chests of drawers, etc.

• Complete vacuuming under the furniture and mopping if required.

4. Bathroom –
The nightmare of end of tenancy cleaning is the bathroom. Though most people maintain a good hygiene in their bathrooms at home, domestically cleaned condition is unacceptable while checking out of a rental property. Before your landlord comes to see the place upon your departure, make sure you:

• Clean the windows, tiles, mirrors, bath, doors, bath, shower screen, and toilet.

• Wipe inside and out of all bathroom fixtures and cupboards.

• Dust the skirting board and remove any marks.

• Mop and vacuum the floor

5. Kitchen –
Actually, it’s really hard to say whether the kitchen or the bathroom is the more difficult area to clean during end of tenancy cleaning. It would depend upon how often you had been using your kitchen and whether you maintained in top condition. Either way, you’ll have a lot of things to do during your end of tenancy period. You should follow the cleaning checklist:

• Wash and polish all kitchen surfaces

• Clean the light fittings, cupboards, tiles, dishwasher, washing machine, bin, fridge, and microwave

• Clean the taps and sink.

• Remove lime scale and polish where needed

• Scrub the doors neatly

• Cleanse the oven from inside and out and remove all grease build-up

• Clean, vacuum, and mop the floor perfectly

6. Final Thought
Some landlords and letting agencies will require you to have your rental property cleaned professionally by a reliable company specialises in end of tenancy cleaning in Clapham. As a well-known name for end of tenancy cleaning in Battersea, Clapham, and Streatham, Glory Clean provides high-end cleaning solutions at the competitive costs.

Glory Clean is here to do your end of tenancy cleaning for you and provide you with any other cleaning needs like carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, etc. Working with us is really easy; just schedule an appointment for end of tenancy cleaning in Streatham!

Useful Upholstery Cleaning Tips

Upholstered furniture cleaning can be a tricky task to do as they can get damaged easily if not treated in an appropriate way. So, here is a complete guide for upholstery cleaning in London you should consider to get the perfect clean and tidy furniture that your home deserves:

upholstery-cleaning service

1. Start Vacuuming
The first step is to remove all the surface dust and dirt particles from your furniture pieces. Bring a vacuum cleaner and use soft brush attachments to vacuum the dust from the armrest, backrest, and cushions.

Don’t forget to look out the hidden nooks under cushions and in between sofa body as well as the armrests as these are the places that collect the most dust particles.

2. Wipe Down
Use a cotton cloth or a microfiber cloth to wipe down your upholstered furniture pieces and remove any dust that might be left after vacuuming. While wiping down, check your furniture and the problematic areas where there might be hard-to-remove stains or dirt you need to work on.

3. Clean Dirty Areas
Use a simple handmade cleaning solution – just mix equal parts of water and vinegar into a bowl. Dip a soft cloth into the solution and wipe down the dirty areas of your upholstery gently. Then, rinse the cloth to prevent transferring dirt again to the cleaning areas of the furniture.

4. Dry The Furniture
Dry your furniture with a soft clean cloth to get rid of all the traces of the upholstery cleaning solution. Make sure you remove all of them; otherwise they can cause mould to develop on your furniture.

Stain Removal Tips –
To remove stains from your upholstered furniture pieces, you should consider following techniques:

1. Grease stains –
Wipe the stain marks with clean, dry cotton, or a microfiber cloth. If you find the dried-up grease, you should remove and sprinkle the stain using baking soda. Let it sit for a couple of hours and then wipe off with a dry cloth. Don’t use water to clean off grease stains.

2. Ink stains –
The perfect way to get rid of ink stains is by rubbing alcohol.Moisten a cotton swab with alcohol and dab it on the stained areas. Rub alcohol to remove mould and mildew stains from leather furniture.

3. Dark stains –
White, beige, and grey furniture pieces are prone to staining. To remove the dark-coloured stains, mix equal parts of tartar cream and lemon juice to form a paste. Apply it onto the stain and let it sit for around 10 minutes. Then, wipe the solution away with damp cloth and the stain will be removed.

Please remember that, you should never experiment with stain removers on upholstered furniture and use only the tried and tested techniques. Otherwise you may end up causing irreversible damage to your furniture.

Use these useful tips and techniques on your upholstered furniture and remove any stains immediately. Besides, you can schedule an appointment with Glory Clean for immediate help with upholstery cleaning in London. With a bit of thought and effort, we can handle the upholstery cleaning quite quickly and easily.

For more details, please contact us as soon as possible at 0207-118-0866 or email us at office@gloryclean.co.uk ! We’ll get back to you right away!