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Simple Yet Effective Carpet Cleaning Hacks you can Try at Home

Even though you are really good at keeping your residential carpet clean, eventually there is going to come a time when you’ve to deal with a stain. Spills, dirt carried on your shoes from outside, pet accidents – all these things can take a toll on your carpets over time.

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Want to ensure you get the optimal outcomes while cleaning your carpets following such an accident happens? Here’re a few tips and tricks that you’d wish to put into practice:

Blot, don’t rub: The most common mistake homeowners make while cleaning carpets is that they try to rub the stain away. All this does is penetrate the stain deeper into the carpet and perhaps damage them because of the friction & stress of the abrasion motion.

Blotting is the most preferred procedure to clean a stain. To do this you can use a clean fabric and a little amount of cleaning solution mixture. Always blot from the outside as it helps in preventing the stain from spreading.

Use hydrogen peroxide: You can use hydrogen peroxide to clean willful stain that’s a result of blood or other such things. You will first wish to employ a blend of water and mild soap to loosen the blood in the affected area. Then scrape it away from your carpet as much as possible before applying hydrogen peroxide to the stain.

Soda: There’re some situations where white soda can be effective in eliminating stains from wine or beer. Soak a cloth with the soda and start blotting at the affected area. You can also mix the soda with white vinegar and water for better result. Apply the solution directly to the area and allow it to soak for approximately fifteen minutes prior to soaking it up with the help of a sponge. Repeat the process until get successful in eliminating the stains from the carpet.

Gum cleaning: If you’ve chewing gum that is been pressed into the carpet fibers, the best way to remove it is to basically freeze-dry it. You can take some ice cubes & allow it to sit on the gum for 4-5 minutes, then make use of a spoon to lift the piece of gum and cut the strands as close as possible. You can keep freezing as required if there is any gum left behind for you to continue working on.

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