Upholstery Fabric: How to Choose the Best One According To Your Need

The first & foremost thing that comes to our mind when we think about purchasing upholstered furniture is generally what colour to choose. It is no doubt the most crucial aspect of fabric selection, but other factors are equally important as well.

Fabric Durability:
The significance of fabric durability differs relying on the piece of furniture. Which room it’s used in & personal aspects of the family, such as if pets and kids live in the home. Your fabric selection must reflect those issues:

• Woven patterns hold up longer in comparison to printed ones because of higher thread counts & tight weaves.

• Pick a fabric based on who’ll be using your couch. If you love to sit on the couch with your pet, consider leather or microfiber as these can endure extra wear & tear.

Fabric Style:
Pick the fabric that harmonizes both the piece of furniture & the interior decoration of your home. Your fabric selection must be tuneful with the style & character of the piece it’s covering. For instance, a conventional fabric is a go-to option for a traditional-style frame. Some fabrics look casual, whereas others seem more formal. Pick a fabric that reverberates your style & the mood of the decoration in that room.

Fabric Color:
The colour of the fabric is quite often the 1st choice you make when purchasing upholstered furniture and it has a considerable impact on your decor, particularly if the furniture piece is a big couch that’ll dominate the room.

Ensure your colour selection is one you can live with happily for a long time. For example, it might best to ignore a pretty bold colour for a smaller room, particularly if your couch is so big. Neutrals are usually the safest route since they tend to please over time.

Special considerations:
• Fade resistance: This factor is really critical if your upholstered furniture will be placed in an area that receives ample sunlight or close to a window,

• Mildew resistance: Buy fabric that’s mildew resistant if you dwell in a humid climate.

• Allergies: Choose fabric such as microfiber for particular allergies because it’s lint-free and doesn’t attract dust.

• Pets: If you’ve pets in your home avoid using subtle fabrics like silk or any fabric with plenty of texture. Choose pet-friendly upholstery instead.

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