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A Glance At Different Kinds Of Stains Professional Carpet Cleaners Remove

Being a true professional carpet cleaning service in Clapham, we deal with a wide range of stains on a regular basis. The majority of these are the one you’d find in any typical family, such as:
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Red wine stains : Probably you had a party last night and in the next morning you find a few blemishes on the carpet because of red wine spilt over. We’re unbelievably good at extracting these kinds of stains as most of our technicians work on an average of 4-5 red wine spots per week.

Coffee & tea stains: Both of them are the same kind in terms of nature, as they’re caffeine based. We have helped hundreds of carpet owners with removing tea and coffee stains from their costly carpet. We use only eco-friendly materials to remove tea and coffee stains from the carpet.

Pet Urine stains– Well, this is the most common scenario for most of the carpet owners and such stains are also quite tough to extract because the yellow discoloration part of the stain is generally permanent, and the acidic nature of pet urine will chemically deteriorate the fabric the longer it remains there. Pet stains & odors are best treated with professional enzymes & deodorizing agents. Our pet stain & odor removal cleaning agents are absolutely safe for you, your household and pets.

Water Damage Spots: The typical case includes working on spots developed by a washing machine, radiator, dishwasher or freeze water stains, and we are really good at removing them.

We’d like to advise our clients that they shouldn’t just use anything to clean their carpet. Because it makes difficult even for professional carpet cleaners to treat a carpet that has already been cleaned by using harsh chemicals or any type of ordinary cleaning agents. Instead, you should call a company that offers specialized carpet cleaning in Clapham. In this case, you can depend on Glory Clean as since our introduction we have maintained the reputation of being the best carpet cleaning service in Clapham. We promise to offer you impeccable spot cleaning result from the very first attempt. Feel free to ask us for a quote now!